TS Mermaid Korra Del Rio Extracts a Human’s Essence


Excited Draven Navarro has no idea that he is about to have a fantastical encounter with TS mermaid Korra Del Rio. He brought home some clam he snatched at the beach, and was simply looking to enjoy some nice homemade seafood dish. Unbeknownst to the bear, the clam he has secured in his net is no regular one. It is a magical shell containing an ancient aquatic legend, and he is about to meet the gorgeous tbabe inhabiting it. Draven ignorantly places his bounty on the kitchen counter and turns around to grab some stuff from the fridge so he can prepare some fine marine cuisine. When he returns to the clam, he finds it is glowing with a pinkish colour. Being completely oblivious to its real power, yet also familiar with how characters in fairytales usually treat any shining item, he decides to rub it.

A fateful encounter with TS mermaid Korra Del Rio

Draven’s fantasies of unfathomable riches and a endless sea of beautiful maidens whose only job is to serve their master; quickly fade away as he begrudgingly accepts that this is clearly not the wish-granting type of magic clam. Shrugging off his silly reaction, he goes back to his fridge to fetch some lemons, when suddenly, a bright light flashes behind him. He turns around to discover the enchanting TS mermaid Korra Del Rio in his kitchen. It appears that the clam he brought from the beach was hers. And when the beauty accuses him of stealing her pearl, Draven immediately denies her claims, blaming it on the greedy fishermen ravaging the seas instead. However, Korra will not be so easily sated. If he cannot bring her her pearl back, he can instead help her replace it with one of those two balls hanging beneath his big cock.

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