Sitting behind her desk, wearing an elegant black sweater and sharp red glasses, trans therapist Emma Rose has never looked more irresistible. She quietly goes over her notes in the one of the very few time openings she has throughout her busy day. With so many patients and so many appointments cluttering up her daily schedule, the tbabe hardly finds any time to step back and reexamine her evaluations. And she finds herself constantly forced to take her work home with her, as well as spending her weekends meticulously dissecting each patient’s profile to make sure she is offering the best help she possibly could. Her solemn studies are interrupted when her assistant informs her that someone would like to see her. It is a patient she hasn’t seen in a very long time, the handsome and charming Chris Damned. And he brings with him good and exciting news.

An anal celebration with trans therapist Emma Rose

When Chris first came to Emma’s office, he was a troubled man having severe communication difficulties with his hot-headed housewife. It took the blonde shemale hours upon hours of intense one-on-one sessions to finally get the dashing gentleman to confront his lady with his innermost thoughts about their relationship. It’s been months since that last visit when he promised Emma he would go through with what she advised him to do. And considering he vanished right after that, the dazzling young TS assumed the worst had happened. Luckily, that assumption would turn out to be the furthest from the truth. As Chris did indeed convince his wife to enter an open relationship with him. And he also confessed to her how much he fancies his trans therapist Emma Rose. To celebrate, the enthralled tgirl offers him exclusive access to her tight butthole. And he rewards her with a facial.