It appears that society as a whole needs to have a talk – Trans women are in fact real women, so now let’s go over why people need to stop asking this question once and for all.

are trans women real women - People Are Really Still Asking … Are Trans Women Real Women?

Alright, let’s just get right down to it. Should we really care so much about other people’s genitals? It’s a question that unfortunately needs to be asked again and again.

Why do so many people react negatively to the idea of one person’s genitals not matching the gender they feel they are on the inside? Only when we look at this question squarely in the face, will we ever be able to collectively accept the fact that trans people do exist. And, in fact, have existed for years upon years.

Are trans women real women? Of course, they are!

If completely ignoring people’s own real-life experiences and perceptions about themselves and their own bodies is your thing, then you might feel that you want some more scientific evidence before you can accept that trans women are real women.

So here you go, snack on this.

It turns out that just because you were born with an XY chromosome, doesn’t mean that you are a man. Maybe at one time, our understanding of gender science stopped at the XX or XY, but these days, our knowledge goes much deeper.

Studies have shown that sexual identity can be found at a cellular level in our brains, even if that identity doesn’t match up with the genitals that we were born with.

Meaning that a person absolutely can be born with male genitals, while their brain 100% recognizes their body and being as female.

Now that we’ve gone over the obvious, how can we make being transgender less of a big deal in society?

Standing up for each other – speak out against bias and discrimination when you see it

If you’ve already accepted or are ready to accept transgender individuals as who they are and not what you say they should be, the best thing you can do to be their allow is to stand up for them.

Speaking up when you hear hurtful comments towards the trans community, is just one small step in creating a more accepting and space environment for everybody.

Watching more transgender porn

The more foreign something is to you, the more likely that it will feel unnerving or even scary. And the best way to get over that fear? Face it.

Exposing yourself to porn of all kinds, not just straight and cisgender porn, is a great way to sensationalize the stigma around transgender people. Transgender porn might not be anything like you have in mind, but the only way to know is to try it out for yourself, even if it’s just to do a bit of exploring before heading back to your usual programming.

By incorporating more transgender porn into our daily porn consumption (yes, we know you watch porn, it’s ok! We all do it), we can finally start to transition into a society where transgender women are finally accepted as real women. Because are the end of the day, trans women are sexual beings just like everyone else that is lucky enough to be deemed “normal” by societal standards.

Seeing more trans porn or even just more trans romance in the mainstream media can help all of us avoid forming preconceived notions about a person based solely on what they have in their pants.

Minding our dang business

Perhaps the easiest thing that we can do on a societal level is to mind our own blooming business.

A person’s character has nothing to do with their sexual identity, so why are a person’s genital of any concern to us? Simply reminding yourself that a person’s sexual identity is in no way harmful if it doesn’t match your own, can go a long way.


Are transgender women real women? Yes! And transgender men are real men. And cisgender women are real women and cisgender men are real men, and not just because science says so.

But also, people say so. People should have the freedom to identify as whatever feels natural to them, and our response to that should be one that is supportive, kind, and accepting.

If you find yourself struggling to accept that trans people exist, try taking steps like exploring trans porn or romantic movies, and always remember to focus on yourself and not on whether people’s genitals match their identity.

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