There is more than a way to express how freaky you can get. However, the most exciting form is that there’s little or no limit to what you cannot explore. All you need to do is set your mind to it and go for it. Swallowing semen seems to be one of the freakiest activities behind closed doors. Nonetheless, this act is not restricted to porn stars alone. If you’ve seen some transsexual porn, you must have come across this act in some videos. However, it is essential to note that this act could be explored by any two consenting adults behind closed doors. 

transsexual porn - Is swallowing semen good or bad for the health?

What is semen?

Semen is popularly known as sperm. Semen is, however, made of two components, the fluid and the sperm. The sperm is a tadpole-like reproductive cell ejaculated by the male reproductive organ, mostly during orgasm. The semen contains about 5% sperm and 80% seminal plasma fluid. 

Is it safe swallowing semen?

Well, there’s nothing wrong with swallowing sperm if you want to. You just need to be comfortable with it and go for it. However, it becomes unsafe to swallow sperm if you find yourself allergic. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you if you are allergic to swallowing sperm. This condition is clinically regarded as seminal plasma hypersensitivity (HSP). Although it’s rare, there’s nothing to be scared of if you find yourself feeling uneasy when it comes to taking semen. 

What are the health benefits of swallowing semen?

Before now, there have been quite many assumptions and myths running around, especially when it comes to sex-related topics. Many a time, most individuals only want to impose their beliefs and norms on others, making these concepts seem realistic even when some of them aren’t. At some point, you must have wondered if swallowing ejaculate has any health benefits. Here are some of those benefits


There has been some research that has proven semen to be an excellent anti-depressant. In fact, some transsexual porn videos are such that they script swallowing semen as one way to make themselves relaxed, mainly after a hectic day. The influence of semen on mood was also established according to this survey, and it shows that those that were exposed to semen experienced a positive change in mood. 

Source of protein:

This is one of the most misquoted benefits of swallowing semen, and most times, this happens when you either want your words to carry more meaning or you are just trying to get her naughty. Irrespective, it is worthy to note that sperm does contain protein. Still, the amount of protein in sperm is ridiculously low that you’d probably need to consume gallons of sperm before having the supposed required protein. 

Should I swallow semen?

This entirely depends on you. Asking if you should swallow semen is one of those questions you can answer yourself without being influenced. However, it would be best to consider your contentment as it’s a priority in this context. If you are comfortable with it, then there’s nothing wrong with swallowing semen. You can’t get pregnant from swallowing semen, the same way you can’t be pregnant from having oral sex. So, if being afraid is why you haven’t tried swallowing semen, you should prepare to tick it off your bucket list. 

As mentioned above, no one should convince or influence you to swallow ejaculate, it is a personal conviction, and you need to be able to live with your actions even when you are done. There’s, however, nothing dirty, unhealthy or wrong with swallowing sperm since you are comfortable with it. 

Does semen have a smell, or what does it taste like?

When it comes to swallowing semen, these two have quite a lot in common. What semen would smell like or taste like would depend on the diet, hygiene and health of the owner of the semen. Most times, semen smells like household cleaners and bleaches, and this is because of the PH level at which sperm survives. If semen, however, smells musky or fishy, it might be due to some underlying factor, either health-wise or dietary. Note that sweat and pee are also some components that could make semen taste bitter.  

As established above, swallowing semen is safe; however, choosing to swallow it is preferential. So, be sure you and your partner have agreed upon this topic. You shouldn’t force your partner to swallow your semen, nor try to influence them on any level. Just make sure you are okay with every of their decision as far as swallowing semen is concerned. 

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