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Black guy flipflops with trap schoolgirls Izzy Wilde and Jenna Gargles

Unfortunately for Dillon, neither of the trap schoolgirls Izzy Wilde and Jenna Gargles seem responsive to his plight. In fact, they do not seem responsive to just about anything. And not in a ‘mean girls’ kind of way, where they are intentionally ignoring someone they do not like. But in a surreal manner, where it feels like the ebony bloke is truly invisible to them. Naturally, Dillon’s first and immediate reaction to finding out that he is invisible, is to whip out his black cock and start slapping the young shemales’ faces with it. Since that does not seem to get a reaction out of them either, he pulls down their panties and begins drilling their assholes. The two princesses were waiting for a true love’s cock in their asses. And thus they finally awaken and begin to suck and fuck their way to a triple orgasm.