It took trans yoga instructor Jessy Dubai a 1-hour drive to get to her new client’s California mansion. While exhausting, she does not regret making the sacrifice at all. As she believes the young Micah definitely could use her help. And he has the potential to become one of her best apprentices. And so she arrives, dressed in red yoga pants and a matching sports bra. The tight fitting outfit perfectly highlights her fit body, and also brings out her mouthwatering assets, mainly that phat Latina booty, which Micah finds impossible not to ogle the entire time. It does not help matters that the low-cut waistband on those pants makes Jessy flash her slutty thong at him every single time she stretched or bends over. Needless to say, even a disciplined monk will struggle to resist the hypnotic eroticism of those fine, fine tranny curves.

Perverted Micah angers his trans yoga instructor Jessy Dubai

As the private lesson begins, the ebony client comes to realise how hard it will be to follow instructions while directly facing his teacher’s big Mexican bum. Some bent-over stretches is all it takes for him to completely disregard what he was doing, whip out his phone, and start taking pictures of the TS’s behind. Entranced by the juicy goodness of her buns, he fails to notice the fact that trans yoga instructor Jessy Dubai is onto him. While slightly frustrated and upset that he turned out to be just another a deviant, especially when she had a genuine desire to help him, she accepts that flipping out now will achieve nothing. However, Micah makes the fatal mistake of biting off more than he can chew. And when he reaches to grab Jessy’s ass, it is his own cheeks that end up getting clapped by the dominant shemale.