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Helping trans stepsister Izzy Wilde make her BF jealous

Tony tells the teen trap that he plans on making her rotten lover pay for his sins, since that is what an older brother does. Izzy is surprised by his reaction, as she never took him to be that kind of stepsibling. But he explains that it truly is how he feels, he simply has not gotten used to having a younger sis yet. After all, their parents have only been married for two years, and Tony is still learning to communicate in English. His trans stepsister Izzy Wilde tells him that instead of a black eye, she would much rather make her BF realise what he missed out on. To do this, all she needs is a fat cock to stretch her asshole, and a camera to record it. Her stepbro happens to have both equipment, and seducing will certainly not be a problem for such a cute tgirl.