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Plowing trans gamer girl Aubrey Kate right behind her friend

Aubrey can already feel her member pulsating in desire as soon as she releases it from tight confinement. She starts wanking off with one hand while doing the bare minimum to maintain her abysmal KDA with the other. The TS’s lust only increases with each stroke, and she wishes someone was around to sate her needs. The universe answers her calls and sends Pierce Paris into the room. He quickly notices that trans gamer girl Aubrey Kate is using quite a peculiar joystick to control her character. Perhaps she took the ‘joy’ part a little too literally. The bloke is not judging of course, he knows a shemale has her needs. In fact, he would like to help her get out of this ‘hard’ spot, by smashing her back door with his thick rod right behind her BFF Korra Del Rio, as he is a gentleman after all.