Having just been assigned with the care of a rather peculiar patient, optimistic TS nurse Candice Kane has no idea what lies in wait for her. Her patient’s name is Johnny, and even though he’s only been in the hospital for about a week, every single doctor, nurse, and even janitor knows, and actively avoids him. Unsurprisingly, this universal reaction is not caused by everyone who happens to work at this particular hospital being a giant arsehole. Rather because the man with the earlobe rings is, put quite simply, insufferable. Completely disregarding the fact that all the people interacting with him at the establishment are trying to help him regain his health, Johnny finds no difficulty insulting and disrespecting whomever unlucky staff member that happens to receive the misfortune of being charged with his care. However, this time things are different. And he is just about to find out why.

The cure to his attitude, delivered by TS nurse Candice Kane

The shemale that just entered the room with Johnny has no plans to take shit from him. TS nurse Candice Kane is known for not being your typical caregiver. And what sets her apart isn’t the obvious fact that she has a snake in her pants. It is instead her severe allergy to bullshit. Just because this tgirl is supposed to be helping people, doesn’t mean she’ll allow them to give her an attitude. This reality quickly becomes clear to the cranky sucker, as he finds himself tied up on the bed. The transgender beauty then puts her gloves on to give him a handjob, followed by oral stimulation. Afterwards, she hops on top of his shaft, bouncing on it like a good slut. Her special service ends with a hot load flowing down her pretty face. And the once-irritating patient suddenly turns into a satisfied docile lad.