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After begrudgingly describing the lewd fantasy she experienced last night in detail as she writes about it in her diary, Daisy heads into the bathroom to take a shower. Anxiously awaiting for this opportunity, a curious Michael enters the trans stunner’s bedroom. Finding her underwear still left on the bed, he takes a minute to inhale her arousing warm aroma before searching for more interesting items. That’s when he comes across the poorly-hidden journal next to her pillow. Finding this holy grail peaks his interest like never before. And as he instantly begins to sift through the pages, he learns about his roommate’s rather humorous dream. Nonetheless, he most certainly would not mind receiving the honour of making TS Daisy Taylor cum after a hard passionate bareback ass fuck. However, that does not mean the gorgeous shemale will suddenly stop treating him like the annoying, nosy cunt he’s always been.