Wannabe e-celeb Pierce Paris is filming yet another one of his uneventful “pranks”, where he tricks trans teen Lily Demure into doing something stupid. This time it’s all about her obsession with buying expensive bottled water from fancy brands. She is far too careful when it comes to PH balance and other insignificant qualities nobody normally cares about. Seeing an opportunity for a new dumb video to post on his social media, Pierce decides that he wants to teach his GF a lesson. One about just how pointless her prodigal habit really is, at least that’s how he explains his motives. His way of doing that is by filling up a glass with regular old tap water. And presenting it to her as something he poured out of a Dasani bottle. Or whatever overpriced water brand she’s fancying at the time, with the goal being to film her reaction.

An irresistible offer from trans teen Lily Demure

Pierce heads over to the living room and smugly offers his partner the glass of tap water. With the phone in his hand and the obvious effort to curb his laughter, it is not hard for trans teen Lily Demure to tell that this going to be just another stupid prank he pulls on her for the sake of putting it up on the Internet. She is tired of his antics, and definitely does not want to be made fun of by strangers online once again just to humour her boyfriend’s hopeless attempts at becoming e-famous. To put an end to all the silliness, the beautiful young tgirl unzips her sweater, revealing her perky breasts. With her tits out on cam, Pierce will be unable to upload the video anywhere. Luckily for the disappointed vlogger, his TS lover has a much better idea of how he can spend his time.