It is another long night of worry and anger for Jaxton, and once again it is all fueled by his trans stepsister Freya Wynn. She is spending her night out sucking dick for money, something which has evolved from being a silly side-gig to a daily practice for the beautiful young redhead. Saying Jaxton is upset about this state of affairs is quite the understatement. One look at him as he circles in place inside the living room with his head in his hands is more than enough to communicate how he really feels about strangers stretching Freya’s ass for money. You could place a pot full of water on top of his head and the bloke would literally be fuming. The mere thought of all of these disgusting men taking advantage of his adorable trap step sis makes him want to punch a hole in his wall.

Finally confronting trans stepsister Freya Wynn

Jaxton has spent many long anxious night pondering what to do about his step sis’s unfortunate “career choice”. He went back and forth between convincing himself that he’s OK with it. Especially considering he and Freya and not actually related in any way. Not to mention her being an adult TS woman, capable of making her own decisions. Then an image of her cute face would flash in his head. And he would remember just how much he cares about her. Or perhaps it is another feeling fueling his unusual concern about her riding random dicks for money. A feeling which he has been suppressing ever since she came into his life. Trans stepsister Freya Wynn finally arrives home. And when confronted by her stepbrother’s frustrations, she reveals to him the identity of the man she has been infatuated with this entire time, it is none other than Jaxton himself.