Spoiled as she may be, trans schoolgirl Khloe Kay still has to maintain a certain academic image not to damage her affluent parents’ reputation. She has been falling behind on assignments, and her grades have also taken a hit this semester. Despite that, she is still doing pretty well for someone whom everyone else would normally expect to cruise on their parents’ money their entire life, without ever showing any resemblance of discipline or responsibility. Part of her unpredicted scholarly success comes from the fact that she found a supportive and easygoing study partner early in her junior year. Her mate’s name is Dante Colle, and against all common sense, he also happens to be a frat boy. Seeing them together, it would be almost impossible to tell Dante is one of those dudes whose entire college life revolves around partying and seeking to fuck anything that moves.

A much-needed anal break for trans schoolgirl Khloe Kay

Khloe mentions to Dante that she desperately needs to score a B or higher on their upcoming econ class. If she fails to do so, her GPA will drop too low. And her mum and dad will most certainly not take the news with smiling faces. The handsome young gent reassures his TS friend, reminding her that she has him to rely on. But he also brings up the topic of a party that his fraternity is planning next week. And asks whether she would like to join them. Visibly apprehensive, trans schoolgirl Khloe Kay first wants to know whether any sorority girls will be in attendance. After mentioning a traumatic experience she had while trying to pledge one of their campus sororities, Dante eases her worries by sucking her sweet lollipop. Then follows that up with a bareback ass ramming using his hard dong.