After being summoned by handsome patient Lance Hart, trans nurse Korra Del Rio finds herself in a difficult situation. The dashing man is suffering from some seriously negative thoughts, ones that could lead him to very dark places, and perhaps cause irreparable damage to his life. He says he wants to know more about the depression he is obviously suffering from. And, if at all possible, find out the root cause for the deterioration on his mental state. Sympathising with the guy, but knowing she will not be able to provide the professional help he needs, the beautiful tgirl suggests that Lance should share his concerns with the doctor instead. However, the distressed man refuses her proposal, instead asking that he talks to her instead. Reluctant but unable to say no, Korra sits besides her naked patient and agrees to hear him out.

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“All you need is a hug”, says the gorgeous TS to the worried patient lying next to her. And how could he decline such a wonderful offer? To be embraced by the loving arms of a warm and kind beauty. He almost believes that it will make all his problems go away. The two start to passionately kiss, tasting each other’s lips with unmatched desire. Soon, trans nurse Korra Del Rio finds her mouth filled with the stallion’s throbbing dong. And being the gentleman that he is, Lance quickly returns the favour. Ardently blowing his saviour’s small and sweet shecock. With her pretty pecker all nice and hard, the shemale stunner proceeds to plug her partner’s asshole. Then she takes an anal drilling of her own, one that feels good enough to make her release a shot of pure white nectar all over her lover’s dick.